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Damp Proofing and Re-plastering

Rising damp is a common problem in older properties, this is due to the lack of an effective damp proof course or the omission of one.

As the water passes up the wall, it evaporates away from the surface. Eventually the amount of water passing into the wall is balanced by the amount which can evaporate and the water does not reach any higher up the wall. This may result in a tide mark being seen across the wall. The height of the tide mark depends on the dampness of the ground and how quickly water can evaporate from the wall. If the wall is coated with a water resistant covering, such as tiles, gloss paint or vinyl paper, the damp may reach much higher before it can evaporate. Rising damp rarely rises above a height of 1 metre above the external ground level and / or the internal solid floor level.

The rising water will carry salts into the wall from the ground. These can react with plaster or brickwork and a deposit of crumbly white crystals may be seen on the surface.

ASRS are able to offer a full range of damp proofing solutions including pressure injected silicone or the highly effective injection cream.

The installation of a damp-proof course (dpc) is only one part of the overall process. Wet and salt contaminated plaster must be removed and replaced using the correct materials ASRS are able to offer a full re-plastering service.

Replastering only to walls that continues to suffer from ingress of water is unlikely to prove successful in the long term. This is because renovating plasters are usually only capable of holding back moisture for a short period. The introduction of the dpc is vital to reduce the amount of water in the structure.

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